Clash of love 12

Episode 13

Clash of love 12

   For days, I kept thinking about  the discussion with my parents, I didn’t know what they meant by “Regrets”,

but I know for sure that they both love Bryan and always took sides with him whenever the issue of Steve comes up, I know they are trying to protect me though, and I also know that Bryan wouldn’t hurt me beside he has promised me I wouldn’t regret *US.*

few months after, Bryan and I were already planning our wedding I have finally made up my mind and nothing was going to make me change my mind about that.

  “You remind me so much of my Day’s, when I had to slide a ring on your mum’s finger” father whispered to my ear as he walk me to the altar where the priest pronounced Bryan and I husband and wife.

  “I’m officially Tracy Daniel”
I said, smiling at bryan as soon as the guest has left and we were left alone in the apartment which bryan’s father has given us as a wedding gift,

but Bryan wasn’t smiling he laid on bed staring into blank space, I wonder what was wrong he has been forcing a smile since after the reception I thought he was stressed but looking closely at him it wasn’t he looks worried.

“Bryan are you okay? “
I asked looking at him but he kept mute, i sat on the bed staring back at him
  “like seriously Bryan!… are we going to start this Union this way”
I asked with my eyebrows puckered up.

   “Did you invite him?”
I heard him ask
   “invite who”
I asked in confusion
  “did you invite steve”
he shouted sitting properly on the bed scaring me a bit,

“which Steve are you talking about?”
I asked stammering a bit
  “don’t play Dumb with me Tracy!…….I saw him there at the wedding, I saw him left when the priest pronounced us husband and wife, I saw jealously on his face I saw…..”

“just shut up Bryan what has come over you” I didn’t invite Steve, though I invited Arian his secretary but for God’s sake it’s been ages since I set my eyes on Steve even Arian told me he traveled and won’t be back anytime soon, so what are you blabbing about”
I asked Brian standing up with anger with my face turning red.

he kept mute for sometime, then he stood up and walked towards me hugging me tightly and apologizing,

  “I’m sorry Tracy!…… I just don’t like that guy around I know he wants  you and I’m afraid he might take you away”
Bryan said
  “Take Me Away?…..even after our marriage? but you know I don’t like him. come on Bryan this is our day we are supposed to be celebrating our honeymoon not fighting over some insignificant guy out there”
I told Brian with tears already forming in my eyes,

  “I’m sorry!
He said still holding me tight, we stayed in the position till God Knows when and when we finally disengage.

The rest of the day seems awkward to me, I don’t know of Brian though but we didn’t talk much to each other.

I know I have signed a lifetime contract with Bryan but how am I going to put up with a man who doesn’t trust me how am I even going to put up with his insecurities? yet I was determined to make our honeymoon memorable.
  Weeks after our honeymoon, I was in my studio working on some project with my PC when Steve walked in,

I stood up surprised,
  “how did you get in here, I mean what are you doing here I asked stammering a bit”
he stood looking at me for some time before finally taking a seat trust the guy.

I know I was in for some trouble, I just pray Bryan never walked in on us
  “I wonder what I ever did wrong to you Tracy,…. first you didn’t invite me to your wedding and secondly I walk in here and you didn’t offer me a seat”
steve said looking at me,

I wasn’t feeling comfortable with his presence and so I didn’t know what to say to him, I walked over to the table and stood, placing my back on the table.

  “Steve I’m sorry”
I managed to say,
“are you here for some business proposal?
I asked  hoping he just say what he wants to say and leave,

  “I don’t think there is anything wrong with coming to see an old time friend whom I haven’t seen for so long now, is there?”

of course this question doesn’t deserve an answer so I kept quiet beside I can’t remember ever being friends with him.

   “Please spill whatever it is,I don’t have much time playing with words…….”
He stood up without letting me finish
“the last time before you were married, I invited you to an Innocent lunch but you turned me down only for me to hear from Arian some months later that you are getting married…. I drove at once to the venue and she was saying the truth a day after, your husband came over warning me to steer clear of you and his marriage…..”

“Bryan did what! I gasped in shock interrupting him
  “Though I didn’t get the message but I thought over it and now i understand it”
Steve said

I got pissed off when it seems he wasn’t going to say anything I asked him what he meant by he understand,

   “Tracy if you had a crush on me just like I have for you, then why pushing me away? why did you push me away? you never really gave me a time to express myself”
Steve was saying, and he looked sober.

I found myself feeling sorry for him, I couldn’t say a word I felt like hugging him and assuring  him that I am not pushing him away but then I can’t,

“wait did he just say he is into me?”
I mumble to myself looking straight at him,

  “I know you don’t like me and I know you are married but all I ask is just one more harmless lunch with you and I promise I won’t trouble your life anymore”
he says still looking sober,

  “alright I will on the condition that you bring your girlfriend along and I bring my husband also”
I told him hoping he would agree to this but instead he bent his head low and turned around to leave,

I rushed over him hugging him from the back
“I’m sorry if I ever hurt you”
I said and immediately regretted what I did, turned back and bent my head low shyly,

  “my girlfriend left me 17 years ago and ever since then I haven’t found her despite my consistent search, but the very first day I set my eyes on you Tracy something struck my heart,  and I was willing to give up on her for you…… but you never wanted me and it’s okey” he said and walked out.

17 years!! I gasped, Steve has been single for 17 years I repeated

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