Clash of love 11

Episode 11

Clash of love 11

When Steve left, I couldn’t tell what was happening something was wrong steve needed Help not just help he needed someone to love or probably love him,

but of course I’m not in the right position to do that I have Bryan a Jealous lover who has been with me since College I also have my Steve who I’m secretly still waiting for.

  Inspite of myself, I felt sorry for Steve there was something about the way he speaks those words earlier that made me want to hug him and say it will be fine I lay down on the couch feeling sick,

I didn’t feel like going over to Bryan’s anymore I just want to lay down and cry away my problems and sleep after all.

I was still contemplating whether to go over to Bryan or lay down there sucking when the door flung open and Bryan walked in,

I stood up almost immediately hoping he didn’t meet Steve outside. He came to sit beside me without saying a word to me and hug me kissing my head I hugged back,

I could feel his heart beating  “Tracy I’m sorry for yesterday,….. I didn’t know what came over me”
he pleaded as I bust out crying.

I couldn’t tell why I was crying though, but I know letting those tears that has been stuck to my eye socket out would make me feel better,

Bryan held me to himself
  “Bryan I’m sorry too, I’m sorry if I ever made you think I have a crush on Steve, I’m sorry if I’m not giving you all the attention you deserve and I’m sorry…..”

I was saying again when Bryan placed his lips on mine, shutting me up
  “it’s okey,…… you haven’t done anything wrong, it’s just my insecurities working on me”
he said after letting go of my lips

he calls still holding me to his body I loosened myself a bit and looked up to him
“I love you, and I’m just afraid to lose you to another man, I know this wasn’t what we agreed on but it’s really going to hurt when steve finally shows up”

Bryan said further stairing at the wall, I didn’t know what to say I know I have fallen deep in love with him, and I know Steve might never show up.

Moreover he might be in a relationship with someone else now or even married,

  “Bryan! I love you so much and I’m ready to spend the rest of my life with you,… I’m tired waiting for Steve I have waited for so long and I’m giving up, who knows he might even be married and even if he shows up one day without a lady by his side I’m sure he will understand”
I told Bryan, he let go of me looking at me like I was talking nonsense,

“yes I’m serious”
  “Does that mean we are now couples” he asked
  “Yes” I said with a sad smile,

he pulled  me to himself at once holding me tight like I was going to run away if he let’s go  “Tracy”
I promise you won’t regret this he says smiling broadly when he finally let go.

   We spent all day playing games and having fun like we were on a honeymoon and the next day Bryan drove me to my parents I have told him I wanted to go spend some time with them the previous day.

   “We are now couples!!
he shouted as soon as he opened the door to my parents apartment, mother who was cleaning a table stood transfixed stairing at us,

I punched Bryan jokingly I wonder why he seems so happy about all of this, sure he had always wanted this and should be happy,

but I never expected it to get to this extent.

  “That boy seems very happy” father told me when Bryan has left and we were sitting together
“yes father”
I mumbled more to myself than  to him
“well I have watched him closely and I believe he is a good guy,……. he would make a good husband”
father concluded.

   “Tracy are you okey with all of this? I mean are you sure of this?”
mother asked speaking for the first time, I noticed she has been quiet ever since Bryan and I came in.

“I don’t understand you mother”
I told her raising my eyebrows 
“Tracy ! In as much as I love Bryan like a son, I still wouldn’t want you hurting yourself .I know for sure you were waiting for Steve, I don’t know why you changed your mind though….”

“mother I can’t bring myself to hurting Bryan”
I interrupted her
  “his insecurities were becoming much ever since I got that contract with the S and J, I had to assure him of my fidelity.he is a good guy and doesn’t deserve to be hurt and beside steve might be married” I told her plainly.

  “It’s alright, but don’t rush things……. I wouldn’t want you regretting things afterwards” she said and squeeze my hand,

I watched her as she stood up and Disappeared into the kitchen
“is she okay”
I asked father
“yes she is, she’s probably worried about her baby. And yes she is right you don’t have to rush things so you don’t end up regretting”
father said holding my left hand tight.

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