Clash of love

Episode 10

Clash of love 10

After I hung up on Steve ,I was contemplating on whether to call Bryan or not.

How could I get him to believe there is nothing going on between Steve and I, I slide into my contacts list and stared at his number for quite some time what if i call’s and he refused to pick, what if he’s still angry with me? I dropped my phone back on bed deciding against calling him with the so many IF’S going through my mind.

But wait a sec! what does he mean by
“wait till you find out who he is?”
who is Steve other than an irritating proud and bossy  young CEO of  S and J advertising company? ,

I stood up from the bed, i’m not going to lay down on bed all day sucking.

I decided to go see Bryan so we could sort things out, I stood up sluggishly and walked into the bathroom in some minutes later I was all done wearing a casual outfit with a pair of sneakers,

I picked up my apartment key to lock up just then I heard a knock on my door.

I wasn’t expecting anyone this morning and mother wouldn’t come visiting without calling me, and I’m very sure it’s not Bryan, though he is the only one who could visit me  unannounced, but it surely not him.

   Because I’m still very sure he is still angry with me, I walked through the door and opened it and to my shock Steve was standing right in front of me,

looking smart and cute in a long-sleeve turtled-neck tight shirt and a blue faded jeans with sneakers looking like a clean College young boy I have never seen him dressed this casually before,

though I haven’t met him for so long……
he said smiling, despite my anger I found myself melting away I was going to smile back at him but then I remembered I had to meet with Bryan to sort out the problem the man standing right in front of me had caused .

  “Steve what are you doing here”
I asked blocking the entrance to my apartment,
“can I come in”
I heard him say, I wanted to say
“no you are not welcome”
but that wouldn’t be fair to him so I had to give in a little space for him to pass through.

  “You have a nice place here miss Brown”
Steve said looking around “thank you!….but I really don’t have much time for all those compliments, as you can see I’m all dressed to go out”

I told him quietly hoping he would just leave but instead he went over to the sofa and sat down comfortably to my irritation.

   I tried as much as I can to control my already tensed spirit, as I stood by the door waiting for him to speak but he just sat down stairing at me  with no intention to speak,

when it seems he wasn’t going to speak I sat down on the chair opposite him with my face turning red, what would I tell Bryan if he walks in here and see Steve !  how do I even tell Steve to leave without being rude ?

  “miss Brown! you were saying something really weird on the phone and I didn’t get it and that is why I decided to come check if you’re fine”
Steve said looking seriously at me ,

“well I’m fine now and I appreciate your kindness,…….but please I really have to catch up with something maybe we could see some other time”
I said plainly,

“Well  not until you tell me what’s bothering you”
steve said irritating me the more.

  “I’m fine !!”
I wanted to shout but kept mute,
“you know you are not fine  Tracy, something is eating you up of which you said I’m part of the problem……. so I want to know how so I could make up for it”
  He said further

I kept mute trying to suppress my anger, this guy is going to ruin my plans for today I muttered to myself,

surprisingly he stood up and walked towards the door without a word again, hope he didn’t hear me?

well suits him I said in my head “Miss Brown! I don’t know if you had some sting of hatred for me, or if I have probably done something wrong but the truth is I have never been so attached to any lady as I am to you……..I mean it’s been ages since I felt something for someone, but then the woman is pushing me away”
steve said looking emotionally down.

  ” If you are going to honour the lunch  invitation,  put a call across he said and stormed out.

UiI sat down, mopping at the door with which Steve had left absent mindedly, like what the heck is he talking about is this some kind of a joke or he is being serious I asked myself not getting the full picture of all the drama.

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