Chimera in Animals And Human

Human chimera simply is a single organism with two or more DNA
For the post breast sucking

Benefits of breast milk to the body

BENEFITS OF BREAST MILK TO THE BODY Breast Sucking! What Does It Do To A Woman's Body? A Woman's breast is filled with hyper-sensitive nerve endings...
Polycystic ovary syndrome, hirsutism, pos

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) And Hirsutism

What is Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS ) ? Pcos is a disorder of the internal abnormal conditions of the ovaries which is caused by genetic...
Smoking is one of the causes of Cancer

Smoking , A Very Bad and harmful Habit To The Health

  According to scientist, smoking is a very harmful habit and has some side effects.   Scientist has made it known that the Smoke found...

Bitter kola;Eight health benefit of bitter kola

bitter kola botanically known as garcinia kola is a popular plant from the evergreen kola tree in Central and western Africa that has long...
Health benefits of cucumber and watermelon

Health benefits of cucumber and watermelon

Cucumber is that long cylindrical green fruit with watery fresh taste seen mostly everywhere. It comes in different sizes and has rounded Edge, it belongs...

A woman in love

Life is a moment in space when the dream is gone, It's lonelier place I kiss the morning goodbye but down inside you know we never know why The road...
Clash of love

Clash of love 2

Episode 2 Tracy I met Bryan during my last days in college, just like the other guys, he was a pest in my life , no...
Ten healthy ways to cope with stress

Ten most effective and healthy ways to cope/ovovercome stress

Ten (10) most effective and healthy  ways to cope/ overcome stress. Stress has been defined in so many ways, by so many learned people, books...

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