Beyond Reasonable Doubt’s

Following the heating hazel going on social media between Pastor Reno Omokri and Barrister Natasha Akpoti, Reno has proven beyond reasonable doubt’s with full clear evidence that all the accusations labeled against him by Barrister Natasha H Akpoti that he made a by pass on her during the banquet held for president Uhuru Kenyatta at Aso Rock was false,

On the other hand , Natasha

hasn’t provided any Solid evidence to back up here claims.

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Sources shows that NATASHA Akpoti brought down all her post on her Facebook timeline against Reno After he posted all evidence showing she was sponsored to blackmail him.

While most of her followers are urging her to apologize to Reno, Reno on the other hand seems to be having a good time celebrating his victory as he wouldn’t make a simple post without adding a paragraph saying *Ah Satan! *

A phrase which he generated from the word NATASHA

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