#Bbnaija-Boma finally meets with Tega’s Husband

Boma meets Tega’s husband and was received with open arms and unquenchable smiles

This proves a point , and that is Tega’s husband holds nothing against Boma, and from the look of things, they may even become best of friends.

However, social media is bustling with negative reactions as most people thinks Tega’s husband is up to something

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However, most people are saying Boma doesn’t deserve such reception from a man whose wife he slept with on National TV and pictured a coward.

What’s your take on this ?

Can you give such a reception to a man who slept with your wife in a manner that brought you pain and long lasting embarrassment after a month of incident?

Or do you think Tega’s husband is upto something ?

1 thought on “#Bbnaija-Boma finally meets with Tega’s Husband”

  1. Am sure the man is upto something, no man in his right senses would give that kind of reception to the wife’s lover even if it’s a game


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