The Slave Princess Chapter 8

The Slave Princess Chapter 8

💐GAZU KINGDOM 💐 “Your highness, we captured the young lady and imprisoned her”, said the soldier as he bowed his head. ” Great”, the King replied cheerfully as he clapped his hands. “Hide the young lady so that the prince can’t see her”. “She will stay here until the prince married the princess”. “This is …

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The Slave Princess Chapter 7

The Slave Princess Chapter 7
The Slave Princess Chapter 7
The Slave Princess Chapter 7

“Help! Help! Help! “, Pretty screamed in her hoarse voice.

A man approached her and was wearing a brown t-shirt, jeans, and a hat.

”Miss, what happened to you? Why did you fall here? It’s very dangerous here”, the man said worriedly.

“A guy was chasing me and I was stumbled and I fell here”, Pretty explained.

“Thank you so much for saving me”, Pretty said while wiping
her clothes.

The man was silent and had a deep thought, he looked at her from head to toe and suddenly the man said,

“Miss I will take you to your home”, said the man in a tense voice”.

Pretty was nervous because the man looked anxious.

“Ok, thank you so much”, Pretty replied with suspicion of the
man’s move.”

They continued to walk but Pretty noticed that the man looked at her strangely.

She felt apprehensive and calmed herself so that the man would not notice her.


“Summon all the people to the palace”, King Zuper ordered while drinking wine.”

There was sadness in his eyes and he was always drunk and hot-tempered.

“Your highness, everyone is ready outside, including Queen Cleopatra and Princess Bonya”, his assistant said.

“Get my chariot ready”, the King said in a weak voice.

“The King! The King! the King has come”, shouted the palace people.

“I called you all because I want to inform all of you that Princess Bonya will be married to the Prince of Gazu Kingdom”, said the King Languidly.

“Increase the guards outside the Palace because tomorrow the King of Gazu will come here to formally take Princess Bonya.”

“We need the forces of Gazu Kingdom so that we can defeat the enemies and save our Palace.”

“Long live Princess Bonya! Long live”, the people shouted in delight.

” Thank you all, I am the next Queen of Gazu Kingdom”, said Princess Bonya with pride.

“We need to have an elegant celebration for our Princess”, Queen Cleopatra happily suggested”.

While all the people were busy preparing for the upcoming celebration Queen Cleopatra thought of visiting Reyna Sasa.

” Reyna Sasa, Are you surprised because a Queen visited you here?

“Well, I just want to let you know that Princess Bonya is now the next Queen of Gazu Kingdom”, Queen Cleopatra proudly said.

“And I want to let you know that I am the one entrusted by the King to perform all the duties you have left, especially in managing the budget because you are crippled and worthless,” Cleopatra said in a boastful voice and she laughed.

“Did you come here to annoy me? Get out of my room!” Queen Sasa replied angrily.

“Maybe you were the King’s favorite then but now he doesn’t even visit you, because I’m with him every night”, she said faking her smile.

Queen Cleopatra left and she met the nurse.

“Where will you take that?”, Queen Cleopatra said frowning.

” Your Majesty, these are Queen Sasa’s food and medicine”, the nurse said nervously because Queen Cleopatra gaze at her fiercely.

“Give it back! Replace it with slave food”.

“Your Majesty, I’m sorry but this is the King’s order”, the nurse trembled.

The Queen grabbed the food tray and threw it away.

“Let me inform you that I am now the first Queen here, so follow my order if you don’t want to lose your job”, Queen Cleopatra glared at her.

“Never report to the King if you don’t want to taste severe punishment”, Queen’s eyes widened.

The nurse walked away without uttering a word.

🤴 Gazu Kingdom 🤴

“Prince Gian, tomorrow we will go to the Zuan Kingdom to pick up the Princess and arrange your wedding”, the King said.

“Your highness, I don’t want to go there because my body was sluggish and I felt bad”, Prince Gian was upset.

“You’ve been so strong lately and now you’ve suddenly become lethargic, don’t fool me if you don’t want me to do anything bad to the Lady”, the King said angrily.

“I don’t like the Princess and I never dreamed of her to be my future Queen”, Prince Gian was annoyed.

“Don’t reject my order if you don’t want to regret it!”, the King’s
eyes popped out in anger.

“King Nazer killed your Queen mother to fulfill his plans to avenge his Royal father”.

“He was blinded by his revenge because he had no idea that his King father was very greedy, his father wanted to take over all the Kingdoms so that he could be recognized as the best king of all kings.” the King explained.

“Your highness, I will follow everything but make sure not to hurt her”, Gian worriedly said.


Pretty remained quiet as she continued observing the man. They reached the vacant space but suddenly the man who was chasing her, came.

“Do you think you can escape me?”, the man fiercely looked at her.

“Let me go, please let me go”, Pretty shuddered.

“I’m the one who owns you”, the man glared at her lustfully.

Hold both of her hands and wrap them around her back and tied them tightly.

The man started to kiss Pretty and the other man held her legs.

“Help! Help!, Pretty panicked and her whole body trembled.

Pretty heard the laughter of the two men and they seemed to be covered with evil spirits.

The man has already started removing her undergarments and the other man held her shoulders tightly causing her not to be able to move.

Pretty closed her eyes and gathered all her strength and shouted as loudly as she could.

The man got mad with her and slapped her face and suddenly her vision got blurred, she closed her eyes and to her surprised, she heard a loud bang.

She quickly opened her eyes and she saw four armed men approaching them, the armed men beat the two men and shot them until the two men lost their breath.

Pretty’s muscles trembled as she witnessed and suddenly the men approached her. The tremor in her lips intensified and her lips trembled, one of the men removed the grip of her hand and carried her to ride in the carriage.

Due to fear and nervousness Pretty fainted and she woke up very shocked because she found herself inside the prison.

To be continued. love you all

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The Slave Princess Chapter 1

The Slave Princess Chapter 2

The Slave Princess Chapter 3

The Slave Princess Chapter 4

The Slave Princess Chapter 5

The Slave Princess Chapter 6

The Slave Princess Chapter 6

The Slave Princess Chapter 6

“Don’t be ashamed, come with us so that you can rest and consider us your family.” “Mom , I’ll just call her PRETTY because she is so beautiful”, the boy happily said”. “Miss Pretty just call me Isaac”. “While no one is looking for you, you are free to live in our little home and …

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The Slave Princess Chapter 5

The Slave Princess Chapter 5

“Princess!!! Come back here! Princess come back!”, shouted the soldier who was writhing in pain. The Princess continued to run as quickly as possible but she suddenly tripped and her gown got stuck in a tree branch. She turned her back and saw the man running towards her, she quickly removed her gown but it …

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The Slave Princess Chapter 4

The Slave Princess Chapter 4
The Slave Princess Chapter 4
The Slave Princess Chapter 4

Freya shouted loudly but another man appeared behind her and pulled her then covered her nose with a handkerchief causing her to lose consciousness.

The next morning they were awakened by the unexpected event, they could not believe what they witnessed, most of those killed were soldiers, they were all strangled and others were beheaded.

The King’s Personal assistant quickly went to him.

“Your highness, I am sorry to inform you of the bad news, the enemies attacked us and most of our soldiers were killed and strangled.

“What!!! Gather all the soldiers and close all the tunnels in the palace, and you have to make sure that there are guards inside and outside the palace, there has to be a guard in every corner of the palace and most of all you add soldiers to protect the Princesses.

“Your highness, everything you said will be followed.

Queen Sasa was saddened about what had happened to the palace soldiers so she ordered the palace staff to give them a dignified burial. As the Queen was walking, she heard a commotion and she saw Freya that was rushed to the palace doctor, she quickly followed but she noticed something shining in the corner so she immediately went to it but she was surprised what she saw, it was the crown of Princess Purity, her heart was beating fast and her thoughts were all bad, she was even more nervous so she quickly went to the Princess’s room, she panicked even more because she couldn’t find the Princess.

“Your highness”!, the Princess is missing”, said Queen Sasa weeping.

“What!!! Let’s go to Freya right away so that we can ask her about Princess Purity.

“I saw Freya rushed to palace hospital because she lost consciousness”, said the Queen sobbing.

The King Commanded the soldiers to search Princess Purity in every corner of the palace and he also ordered the other soldiers to search Princess Purity throughout the forest.

Freya regained consciousness and told all the details to the King. The King was upset by what he heard and he frowned as if he was in deep thought.

“Your highness, I’m sorry we’ve done everything, we’ve searched the whole forest but we haven’t seen the Princess, we saw horse tracks but it’s far away and difficult to follow because some of its traces have been removed by the enemies,” said the soldier.

The King took a deep breath and suddenly had difficulty in breathing, he was quickly taken to the palace doctor and was followed by the two Queens. The doctor said that the King needed a break and also to avoid stressing himself because it was detrimental to his condition.

“My Princess, look at how fate seems to favor us, we haven’t done anything yet but Princess Purity has suddenly disappeared around us”, Queen Cleopatra happily said.

“Your Majesty, maybe I’m really the one destined for the Prince and be the next Queen of the famous Gazu Kingdom.

🤴King Zuper’s POV🌺

I’m King Zuper, the King of Zuan Kingdom. I was a brave warrior when I was young. My King father taught me how to fight and we were member of an assassin group called, Beast..I trained myself well because I prepared to fierce battle because Nazer Kingdom intends to take over our Kingdom but we defeated them and killed the King. This is perhaps why his son, the prince, got angry and took Princess Purity as revenge.

“Your highness, you need to heal right away so that we can find the Princess as quickly as possible, I will surely die if something bad happens to her.”, Queen Sasa said uneasily.

“Your Majesty, I have already sent plenty of soldiers to look for Princess Purity and the enemy must not know my condition right now because they might invade and attack again”. said the King.


Princess Purity was brought to the Kingdom of Nazer and her face was covered with dark cloth.

“Your highness, the Princess of Zuan Kingdom is already here”, said the soldier while holding Princess Purity’s arms.

“Kill that Princess!!!! She will pay for the sin of her Royal father, take her to the forest and bring her heart here because I will send it to her King father”, said the King angrily.

“Let’s see how the King would feel if he could see the heart of his beloved Princess”, said the King with a smile in his eyes.

“Your highness please release me,let me go, I’m begging you”, said the Princess with a hint of nervousness.

“Get this Princess away from me!, I’m afraid I might not able to control my temper and kill her, I don’t want my hands to be stained with blood because of her”.

The two soldiers took Princess Purity to the forest and they removed the veil from her face and all of a sudden her stunning beauty appeared. They were fascinated by her beauty and the two men change their minds, they agreed to rape the Princess before killing her. But the greed of the soldier prevailed, he thought of killing his companion so that he would have no rival for the Princess. He quickly took his sword and suddenly stabbed his companion.

It was the soldier’s turn to taste the Princess, he looked like a demon because of its reddened eyes, he grabbed the Princess and held her two shoulders tightly, the Princess tried to moved her shoulders but it was tightly bound, he kissed her but the Princess bit her. He got angry and punched the Princess in her shoulder, the Princess pretended that she was unconscious so the man immediately took off his clothes, the Princess immediately got up and quickly took the sword and stabbed the soldier and ran quickly.

💥To be continued 💥
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The Slave Princess Chapter 1

The Slave Princess Chapter 2

The Slave Princess Chapter 3

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Heritage Bank Unveils OCTIPLUS The All-In-One App

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The Slave Princess Chapter 3

The Slave Princess Chapter 3
The Slave Princess Chapter 3
The Slave Princess Chapter 3

The King ordered that Princess Bonya be taken immediately to the Palace hospital to be treated and the foods eaten by Princess Bonya was being examined.

“My Princess was poisoned, hurry up and give her some medicine”. Queen Cleopatra said worriedly.

“Your Majesty, here it is, she will be able to recover in a few hours because the poison she took is not deadly but it also has bad side effects if not cured right away.

“Ok you can leave now and let the King know about the Princess’s condition.

Queen Cleopatra was upset because the King did not even follow the Princess to the palace hospital unlike what had happened to Princess Purity that the King was very much quick to respond and was so angry like a hungry Lion, and that made her very angry because the King obviously favored someone.

“My Princess are you okay? Your acting is very good but I noticed that the dear King doesn’t even seem to care about you”.

“Your Majesty, I put poison in my food because I knew the King will investigate it”, said Princess Bonya smiling.

“Heidi will be held accountable, I want him out of our sight and he will be punished for what he did”, said Cleopatra with traces of joy in her eyes.


I’m Heidi, I was born and raised in Gazu Kingdom. My Father was the chef of Gazu Kingdom and I was also taught by my father in his cooking skills. King Zuper and the King of Gazu were close friends that’s why the King of Gazu recommended me to work in Zuan Kingdom as a chef. I got married to a slave and we were blessed with three children but the trend of the palace changed, it is used to be peaceful and tranquil
but when Queen Cleopatra came it became chaotic.

“Heidi, why did you poisoned the Princess Bonya? said Cleopatra angrily.

“Your Majesty, I haven’t poisoned the Princess, I’ve been in this job for a long time and I don’t have any bad record like you accused me.

“I’ll make sure that you will be punish by the King and I will recommend him to hang you and you will surely die if you will not confess your sin”, said the Queen arrogantly.

Groups of soldiers arrived and imprisoned Heidi.

The King called a gathering of all the palace staff to inform everyone of his decision. Heidi was brought before the King to be questioned about the incident.

“Heidi tell me the truth, why did you poisoned the two Princesses?”, said the King whose eyes looked like a tiger.

“Your highness, please forgive me for my sins”, Heidi said trembling and anxious.

“Saved it! If not for the King of Gazu I probably would have fed you to the lions!”, said the King angrily.
“Get out of the Palace!take your whole family with you and don’t show up again!You are a traitor!!!!

The King evicted Heidi and his family and the palace went smoothly, and two weeks later the long – awaited 18th birthday of Princess Purity came, inviting all the staff to the palace because it was the most pompous and a big celebration. The Princess was very stunning and charming in her white gown like the goddess of the night. Everyone was drinking including the soldiers of the palace, dancing and shouting for joy.

“Happy birthday Princess Purity”, the staff shouted.

“Happy birthday! Happy birthday Princess.

It was midnight and they were all drunk, including the King, the other staff had already left.The others continued their fun and Freya suggested to Princess Purity that they also leave because the King and Queens had already left.
As they were walking they noticed something like a commotion of a strong wind and when they looked back there were groups of men who seemed to be flying with sharp swords, their faces were covered with black cloth and they fought the palace soldiers and in just few minutes all the palace soldiers were exhausted and they were strangled in the neck. They were trembling with fear and being shocked for what they witnessed, two men approached them and grabbed Princess Purity and tied her hands and she was carried away by the men.

“Princess Purity! Princess Purity!

“Please help Princess Purity!,” Freya tearfully shouted.

💥To be continued 💥

The Slave Princess Chapter 1

The Slave Princess Chapter 2

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The Slave Princess Chapter 2

The Slave Princess Chapter 2

“Please release her!, please stop this!”, said Princess Purity who appeared suddenly. “My dear Princess, I punished her because you almost died because she poisoned you”, said the King. “Please Your highness, I can’t afford to see someone suffered because of me”, the Princess burst into tears. Sanya felt the heat and she was about …

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The Slave Princess Chapter 1

The Slave Princess Chapter 1

The Princess was poisoned The Princess was immediately taken to the palace doctor as she was trembling and incessantly vomiting.While the Princess was being examined by the doctor,Freya immediately went to Queen Sasa. “Your Majesty,I would like to inform you that Princess Purity was taken to the palace doctor because she suddenly vomited while eating …

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The Miracle I Need Episode 3

The Miracle I Need Episode 3
The Miracle I Need Episode 3
The Miracle I Need Episode 3

After Sharon left Kathleen to go get the ticket for her movie, Kathleen looked around subconsciously to see if she would find a trace of Pete and his daughter. She realized she hadn’t asked them what they were doing at the mall. Not that it was any of her business anyway, Kathleen reminded herself as she took a sip from her bottle of malt while waiting for Sharon to return.

“Hello pretty lady!” Someone greeted from her side making her turn to look at the young man who had something that was supposed to be a sexy grin on his face, but which only seemed to irritate her. A first glance at him already told her he wasn’t her type. He had a tattoo on the entire length of one arm and an earring in one ear.

“My name is…”

“Do you want something?” She asked, cutting him off impatiently before he could finish introducing himself, very sure she wasn’t ready for any unnecessary introductions.

“Are you alone? Can I sit with you?” The young man asked with a wide smile.

“I’m not alone. And NO. You can’t sit with me. I don’t need the extra company. Thank you.” Kathleen said dismissively, and as if to drive her point home, she took out her phone from her handbag and started scrolling through it. The purpose was simple, she needed to make it clear to him that his attention was not welcomed.

“Okay. Sorry for being a bother.” The young man said before walking away, feeling very embarrassed by her cold reception.

Kathleen sighed and dropped her phone on the table immediately the man left. She knew she was a very intelligent and undoubtedly beautiful young lady.

As a matter of face most people often mistook her to be an half-caste because of her complexion and her perfect body stature.

She had even been scouted by some modelling agencies to work for them in the past, but she had outrightly rejected them saying she wasn’t cut out for such celebrity lifestyle. Or maybe she had rejected their offers because of the rumours she had heard about models being forced to be sexually involved with men for endorsements and stuff.

So if she was that beautiful what was wrong with her? Why was she always so uptight around men? Or was it people in general? She just found it difficult allowing people come too close to her. That was probably the reason her only friend in Lagos was Sharon.

“What are you thinking about so seriously?” Sharon asked when she returned and saw the frown on Kathleen’s face.

“Did you hear that Gloria is getting married soon?” Kathleen asked Sharon with a frown.

“Yes. She chatted me up on Facebook to find out if I was interested in buying her asoebi. What has that got to do with the frown on your face?” Sharon asked as she cupped her face in both hands with her elbow on the table while looking at Kathleen.

“Everybody is getting married. Almost all our secondary school class mates are married. it’s not like I’m worried… I just feel somehow about it. Everyday I go on social media and it’s either I’m seeing a newly wed post or it’s an engagement post or couple goals. Doesn’t it bother you?” Kathleen asked, looking at Sharon curiously.

“Why should it? By the way didn’t I spy a guy standing beside you a while ago? What did he want? Let me guess, you chased him away before he could even tell you what he wanted, didn’t you?” Sharon asked, giving her a knowing look.

“I don’t think he is a Christian. He has a tattoo and was even wearing an earring.” Kathleen informed Sharon.

“Really This your judgemental attitude is becoming too much. This was the same thing you did when you were living in my house. I know how many men were seriously interested in you, yet you found something wrong with every one of them. Did you even give anyone of them a listening ear?” Sharon continued.

“But they’re not Christians, I can’t date or marry anyone who doesn’t know God o.” Kathleen protested.

“Assistant Jesus, Well done.” Sharon said sarcastically, “Tell me something, do you think those people you’re seeing on your timeline on Facebook met their partners inside the Bible? You think you will find a man with this your square lifestyle? You’re always going from the house to the office, to the church or to the market. No socializing, no nothing! Why am I even wasting my breath? When you’re ready to get into a relationship you will. You’re just not serious yet.” Sharon hissed at her.

“Why are you getting mad at me? I was only telling you how I felt, I didn’t ask you to give me a husband. You’re talking as if you’re even married. You that goes everywhere, how come you’re not married and you’re following another woman’s husband?” Kathleen retorted making Sharon hiss at her.

“At least I have a man even if he is someone’s husband, can you boast of any?” Sharon asked sticking her tongue out.

“God knows I’ve given you the best advise I can give to you as a friend. All this your churchiness won’t take you anywhere. Last last I might even go to heaven and you will go to hell.” Sharon said with a giggle making Kathleen laugh as they both stood up.

“Enjoy your movie jare, let me come and start going to church.” Kathleen said as she picked up her hand bag.

“Remember what I told you about your boss? Join in the race for his heart o. Better don’t dull.” Sharon said as she pulled her ear in warning.

“Abeg I’m not interested. I’m going before you start talking about another thing again.” Kathleen said with a small laugh as she turned to leave.

“Thank you for the money o. Make sure I hear something good when next we see.” Sharon called after her as she left.


Pete had a bored expression on his face as he stood by his office window looking at nothing in particular. He only knew that if he remained seated in that chair staring at one more paper work, he was likely going to go raving mad.

He glanced at his wristwatch for what appeared to be that tenth time in that hour and scowled when he saw that the time seemed not to be moving at all. Even after working in the office for more than two months he still couldn’t get used to it. He could never get used to this whole company business. Office work just wasn’t his thing.

He had discovered earlier on from his university days that he had a passion for food. Not just eating it, but the art of making it as well. Cooking and watching people enjoy his delicacies was what made him happy.

His father had adamantly refused to hear any of it. God forbid that the almighty Chief Howell would allow his eldest child pursue such a passion of becoming a mere chef. His mother of course wasn’t one to interfere in such issues, so she had taken his father’s side. Despite their disapproval, Pete had gone ahead to pursue his dreams and had gone ahead to register himself in various schools where he took catering and hotel management courses.

He never would have thought he would end up working in his father’s office again, especially after their last row before he left the country. But here he was, doing everything he had said he wouldn’t do because his father was a very cunning old man.

He had received a call from his father’s lawyer some months earlier asking him to come back home and take over the company. He had rejected it outrightly until he heard his father was in the hospital after a major heart attack. The lawyer had also gone on to tell him that his father had in his will that if Pete refused to take over the company in the case of his demise, his property was to be given away to charity, and none of his other children was to be given a dime. So here he was, sacrificing himself for the sake of his siblings, leaving little or no room for himself and his daughter.

His childhood friend Kenneth had suggested that what he probably needed was a personal assistant. Someone who could help balance things for him both at home and in the office, someone who could be a babysitter when he goes on his business trips. “Preferably a very attractive female.” Kenneth had added with a wink.

Now that he thought about it, perhaps Ken was right. He needed help, and he needed it urgently. He could simply ask his secretary to help recommend a suitable person for that position. He decided there was no need wasting extra time thinking about it when he could act on it.

Pete walked out of his office and walked up to his secretary’s desk flashing her his most charming smile, “Hello Clara!”

“Hello sir! Do you need something?” Clara asked eagerly as she stood up, feeling flattered that he had finally remembered her name.

“Please sit down. And yes you can help me. I’m in need of a personal assistant. Preferably female. Someone responsible and smart who could take care of Amanda in my absence. Not a slay queen please.” Pete said as he sat by the edge of her desk.

“A babysitter?” Clara asked, just to be certain she understood what he was saying.

“Amanda hardly qualifies to be called a baby, but yeah. A long term part-time babysitter. Since Amanda is in school she can work. I’ll prefer someone within the company if possible. That will kind of make the job easier.” Pete added.

Clara looked at him and wished she could tell him that what he needed was actually a wife and not a personal assistant, or perhaps recommend herself for the position, but unfortunately she knew he wouldn’t want that.

She thought about it for a second an decided that since she had been given the privilege of picking the personal assistant, then it would be best she recommended someone she was sure would never think of catching Pete’s eye.

“I think Miss Kathleen Okorie would do perfectly for that position, she is smart, intelligent and I’m pretty sure she is good with kids too.” Clara declared with a modest smile. Everyone in the company knew that Kathleen was very churchy, uptight and never welcomed advances from men.

He was certain he knew that name but he just couldn’t remember where or how. “Kathleen Okorie? Why does that name sound familiar? Do I know her?” Pete asked with a puzzled expression on his face.

“She is just one of the staff in the HR department.” Clara said, grateful that he didn’t even remember who Kathleen was.

Having been introduced to all the workers in the building he had too many names in his head already. Well, he’d just wait to see what his prospective personal assistant looks like.

“OK, please contact her immediately I’d like to discuss with her.” Pete said before returning into his office.

By Monday afternoon Kathleen had totally forgotten all about her encounter with Pete and his daughter. Who wouldn’t in her shoes? She had returned really late from choir rehearsals on Saturday evening because brother Solomon the only brother in the choir who was supposed to do a duet with her had failed to get his part of the song right, so they had had to rehearse the song over and over again until he finally got it right. By the time she finally got home around eight in the evening she had been welcomed by her nosy neighbor who broke the news to her that the transformer had blown and so there wasn’t going to be light in the neighborhood for sometime. She had then gotten inside her room to discover that the soup she had made the previous evening after work had gone sour. She had been too tired to get something else to eat so she had simply washed the pot and showered before going to bed.

Then on Sunday morning she had woken up very early to meet up with church activities and had returned to the house late in the evening after house fellowship only to remember that she had failed to wash her work clothes on Saturday because of her outing with Sharon. She had spent the whole of Sunday evening washing and cleaning up her house before she had finally gone to bed.

She had been very reluctant to leave her bed when she woke up that morning. She had woken up feeling very discontented and dissatisfied with her life. She wanted more out of her life than the usual Monday to Monday rush. She wanted to earn more money, she wanted to get married, she wanted kids. Was that asking too much? Was God not hearing her prayers or was he not just ready to answer her yet?

This was the last day of August, and tomorrow they were going to be in the ‘Ember months’. Before you know it, it would be Christmas, and she would have to go home for Gloria’s wedding as well as to celebrate with her family. She didn’t want to return home without at least being in a relationship. She had less than three months to work something out. Maybe Sharon had been right. Maybe she needed to put herself out there. How was she even going to accomplish all of that with her busy schedules?

“Are you okay?” Dave asked when Kathleen suddenly sighed.

“Are you talking to me?” Kathleen asked as she turned to look at him in surprise. She hadn’t realized he was watching her. “Yes. Why?”

“You just hissed. I observed that you have been moody since you resumed work this morning.” Dave said looking at her with concern.

“It’s nothing serious jare. Some days are just like that. Thanks for your concern.” Kathleen said with a smile of gratitude.

“If you say so. Just take things easy sha.” Dave advised before returning his attention to his work.

Kathleen raised a brow when the telephone on her desk started ringing. She had felt the telephone was just there for fancy since they hardly ever received any calls via the telephone. She had once heard a rumor in the office that the telephone only rang when one was about to be fired or promoted. She looked up and noticed that all her colleagues were looking at her with open curiosity, and she couldn’t help feeling nervous as she picked up the receiver.

“Is this Kathleen Okorie?” Clara asked.

“Yes?” Kathleen asked nervously.

“The Chairman wants to see you in his office right now.”

“Me? Why?” Kathleen asked but the only response she got was the disconnect tone which told her Clara had dropped the call. She looked at the telephone with a frown.

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