Annie marcauley blast hubby (2face idibia) over infidelity

 Veteran actress Annie Marcauley , stick to her Instagram handle to cry over her husband infidelity.

The musician husband 2face innocent idibia who goes by the stage name 2baba has been married to the Nollywood actress Annie Macauley for years now.

Their wedding was glamorous and the envy of many.

  Over the years , many have been made to believe that the wedding was a perfect one, as the musician husband always uses his wiffy Annie Marcauley on most of his music videos.

Not withstanding, their love life was somthing to talk about and be envious, if Annie hadn’t posted the problems she was facing on instagram

  Not until yesterday when the Actress Annie came to her Instagram account , crying of her husband infidelity to her.

She accused him of sleeping with his baby mama and ex girlfriend pero

  “What kind of a man takes his kids to Disney and spend nights In the same apartment with his kids and their mother “

   “How many times have you gone to see your kids with pero! and she stays with you and the kids under the same roof for nights ! Or is it when your brother @hi.idibia houses you, your kids and pero under the roof ???? I can go on and on she cried out.

   Annie marcauley went further accusing Idibia’s family of not liking her, despite all her struggles to get them to like her.

  “I am a patient woman !  I am not a fool innocent , your family never loved me from the beginning! No matter how hard I tried ! I was never worthy to them!!! I have made so many sacrifices for you and all your children. God knows I have tried”. She cried further tagging  2baba on the post.

  While this was going on, a lot of fans was on the comment box, some sympathizing with her, and others blasting her for bringing her family problems on social media.

  “Isn’t it obvious she had kept this a secret for a while now, pretending to be happy with her marriage and making some of us envy and want to rush into marriage”

  “Before she could come to Instagram to complain, after leading us to believe she was happy with her marriage with 2face idibia for years now, means this has eaten her up and she needed to let it out before it chokes her to death.

  A fan said replying to one of the guys who believe she shouldn’t share her family problems on social media

  This is so heartbreaking, cried many of her fans, as most went further to comment that the idibia’s family doesn’t deserve her.

  Some suggested divorce, instead of staying with a man who is bent on breaking her down  because of an ordinary baby mama.

  However, Annie hasn’t said nor replied any comment since the post. Not even 2face nor his brother who was tagged has said anything.

   It is no doubt that Annie marcauley has been battling with her emotions all this while, and when it seems she can’t take it any longer , she decided to let the cat out of the bag.

    Probably to see the opinions of her fans before taking any action. But what ever be her reason for posting it on her Instagram handle, Best known to her.

   “No marriage is perfect, despite those who claims it is, there must always be a fight , some times to strengthen the relationship and sometimes it brings divorce .  But what kills a marriage fast is infidelity, (cheating ) and when there’s a trust issue”.

      “Instead of posting it for the world, go and settle your differences”
adviced one of Annie Marcauley’s fan.

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