A young Toddler that is destined to die

(Toddler)The end of every mankind

Just like a young  green plant
sprouting beside the river side
I was formed and made to live
So innocent and young was I
The tenderness and young face
The smiles and chuckles,the soft skin and sweet scent, the toothless sweet babe
A young toddler.

The sweet sensations I give
Or maybe sentiments felt by some
The joy I give to the lap that bore me and the hands that felt my tender skin,the toothless smile i give to those my spirit is in acceptance with
A young toddler

The sweet perfume of baby oil
The ever sweet soft skin of a toddler
The soft voice that cries even whilst suckling at my mother’s breast.

Oh! Never grow old
Just remain small and sweet
Making me proud and smile
Whenever I look at you
Never stop giving me that sweet assuring smile
Perhaps my mother had wished .

But then I must be born
I must grow
I must face uncertainties
I must fulfill the desire of the maker, i must grow old and I must die
Death is a neccesary end.

Death is inevitable so they say
The destiny of every living thing
it Doesn’t discriminate
it Doesn’t care who you are
it Doesn’t have a favorite person, it doesnt know who is poor and who is rich, its a friend to nobody
And So I must die.

However, we all have one prayer point or so I think
And that is to grow old, to achieve our dreams to fulfill that which we are made for
But we must surely die.

For this is the destiny of man and every living thing, from a young suckling toddler,to the youthful age and then to a sure old age. This is the destiny of a man



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