A world of fantasy

I pictured myself
in a beautiful love garden
the sweet scenting flowers
was alive
and the flowing stream floating with happiness
giving this beautiful garden a romantic colour
and a Beautiful Life
but this is just my world of Fantasy.

Still in the garden,
I turned around to have a look then I saw a beautiful love Park no single person was in the park
all has come with their lovers but I was all alone in my little world of Fantasy

Taking a walk round the garden,
A man approached me
Kneeling down with a diamond ring
And oh yes he proposed to me
Leading me to the park

How good it feels
To know you are not alone
To be with your lover
A man of your dream
Caressing and romancing
feeling all loved

In my world of fantasy,
He led me to the alter
Making the I do vows
And smiling confidently
As the pastor pronounced
Us husband and wife

I smiled and followed
As he led me home
I was ready to bear children
For my prince charming,
I was ready to be called
a proud mother
To feel like a complete woman

But then,

These are mere fantasies
I have been subjected
To a condition
Where I can’t get married
But only imagine
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